Leesing Hotel
As a good neighbor to the community, LEESING FENGSHAN has always been yearning to create an atmosphere of comfort and fashion. Regardless of costs, with the most exquisite design from the best man and reasonable price, our dear customers may enjoy the outstanding rest time and accommodations. There are 22 rooms in the building, and each one is delicately designed according to their own theme. The splendid and elegant place to stay it is, blended with the classic taste of Fengshan and logs, we see the wonderful combination of purity and luxury.
About us

Classic Room

The eye-catching exterior design of LEESING FENGSHAN is based on the combination of a single color, lines and various elements. Small but exquisite the lobby is, and with the luxurious materials and a fine crystal ball hanging from the ceiling, everything seems to be more of a glory when the night comes.